A downloadable Rain Them All for Windows

Rain Them All its a game about the eternal battle between fire and nature. You play as a humble cloud who fights bravely against several fires that keep multiplying by burning the trees. Your only weapon is the rain you can drop, but be careful because you will die if rush too much. Patience and an strategic mind is the only way to survive as long as possible, but its just a matter of time...

wasd - Movement
Space - Rain
Scroll - Zoom Camera

Survive as long as possible
You die if left out of water or time

Cloud rain -> fire extinguished -> cloud get height, move faster and get some water and time
Cloud rain -> root -> new tree grows
Cloud contact big clouds -> get more water
Fire burn tree -> new fire instead of a tree

Rain Them All was developed in 48h for Game Makers Toolkit's Jam with Unity

Music: "Malicious" - Kevin MacLeod

Published Jul 16, 2017
Tagsnature, Real time strategy

Install instructions

Just donwload the .rar file,  extract it, and play the RainThemAll.exe :)
You can download now the new polished version from the .zip!


RainThemAll.rar 11 MB
RainThemAllPolishedVersion.zip 27 MB

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